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Lucy Pilgrim is an in-house writer for Supply Chain Outlook Magazine, where she is responsible for interviewing corporate executives and crafting original features for the magazine, corporate brochures, and the digital platform.
Deputy Head of Editorial
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Ethical Supply Chain Program : Transformation Through Transparency

Promoting the rights and well-being of supply chain workers worldwide, the Ethical Supply Chain Program works with organisations to create a more transparent supplier network.

Lucy Pilgrim By Lucy Pilgrim

Daifuku Intralogistics America Corporation : Automation That Inspires

Dany Rheault, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Daifuku Intralogistics America Corporation, highlights the innovative storage and data software solutions that have sustained its success for over a decade.

Scarlett BurkeLucy Pilgrim By Scarlett Burke Lucy Pilgrim

J.D. Irving Limited : Spearheading Logistical Synergy

Founded in 1882, J.D. Irving, Limited has progressed to become a leading logistics provider across North America. Group Vice President, Andrew Fisher, tells us the story of the company’s enduring mission and supply chain expertise.

Scarlett BurkeLucy Pilgrim By Scarlett Burke Lucy Pilgrim

DACHSER : Inspiring Global Interconnection

DACHSER is an exemplary figure in the field of global logistics. A renowned family-owned enterprise, it is paving a new path for effective yet responsible services and operations for its customers, partners, and employees around the world. Ralph Riehl, President and Managing Director – Americas, tells us more.

Scarlett BurkeLucy Pilgrim By Scarlett Burke Lucy Pilgrim

Fiji Airports : First-class Aviation Management

Owner of the world-renowned Nadi International Airport, Fiji Airports has been experiencing continuous growth, thanks to the proactive modernisation of its 15 airports and the welcoming of a new CEO, Mesake Nawari.

Ryan GrayLucy Pilgrim By Ryan Gray Lucy Pilgrim

Chrono Aviation : Charter Without Compromise

Vincent Gagnon, President of Chrono Aviation, talks about the company's capacity to continuously grow and evolve, aiming to position itself as Canada's leading charter airline.

Scarlett BurkeLucy Pilgrim By Scarlett Burke Lucy Pilgrim

Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone (Special Economic Zone)

Muzi Shange, COO at Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone Company (SOC) Ltd, located in close proximity to the international deep-water port of Richards Bay, reveals the impact of its megaprojects.

GDEX Berhad : Delivering on Expansion

Teck Lean Teong, Group CEO of GDEX Berhad, discusses the changing landscape of the express delivery services industry in Southeast Asia.

Taylor GreenLucy Pilgrim By Taylor Green Lucy Pilgrim

United Ground Express : A New Destination

As an indispensable aid to over 55 regional airports, President Jeff Riedel tells us about the vital role of United Ground Express.

Scarlett BurkeLucy Pilgrim By Scarlett Burke Lucy Pilgrim

Port Management Association of the Caribbean (PMAC) : Spotlight

The Port Management Association of the Carribean (PMAC) shine a light on the need for regional integration and improved performance management across the island nations of the Caribbean..

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