Discover the green heart of sustainability, balancing industrial progress with environmental health. From businesses pioneering circular economies to focusing on waste reduction, we spotlight those at the forefront of eco-conscious initiatives.

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Sustainability Business Insights & Corporate Stories

Beyond ESG : Embedding Social Value  

Guy Battle, CEO of Social Value Portal and co-Chair of the Sustainable Procurement Pledge, describes the evolution of social value and what a successful environmental social governance strategy looks like.

Guy Battle By Guy Battle

J.D. Irving Limited : Spearheading Logistical Synergy

Founded in 1882, J.D. Irving, Limited has progressed to become a leading logistics provider across North America. Group Vice President, Andrew Fisher, tells us the story of the company’s enduring mission and supply chain expertise.

Scarlett BurkeLucy Pilgrim By Scarlett Burke Lucy Pilgrim

Avery Dennison RBIS : Radical Transparency in Fashion

Debbie Shakespeare, from Avery Dennison RBIS, examines the urgent need for radical transparency in the fashion supply chain, and how this will cut carbon emissions and pursue a greener future for the industry

Debbie Shakespeare By Debbie Shakespeare