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Freight Corporate Stories

AVega Bros Integrated Shipping Corporation : Brotherly Cargo Brokerage

Alec Vega, Chairman of AVega Bros Integrated Shipping Corporation, discusses catering for the logistical needs of the flourishing Philippine market.

Taylor GreenLauren Kania By Taylor Green Lauren Kania

UPS Canada : The Ultimate Journey

As trusted trendsetters in end-to-end package delivery solutions, we unwrap what makes UPS Canada stand out in a competitive market with its President, Stephanie Dexter.

Scarlett BurkeRachel Carr By Scarlett Burke Rachel Carr

DACHSER : Inspiring Global Interconnection

DACHSER is an exemplary figure in the field of global logistics. A renowned family-owned enterprise, it is paving a new path for effective yet responsible services and operations for its customers, partners, and employees around the world. Ralph Riehl, President and Managing Director – Americas, tells us more.

Scarlett BurkeLucy Pilgrim By Scarlett Burke Lucy Pilgrim

Kerry Logistics : Global Supply Chain Solutions

With a robust global network, Kerry Logistics Oceania is revolutionising the supply chain industry. We speak to Cameron Green, Managing Director Oceania, about how the company is successfully expanding into new markets.

Ryan GrayLauren Kania By Ryan Gray Lauren Kania

Oceania Aviation : Soaring to New Heights

Oceania Aviation has been providing industry-leading ground handling and aviation services since 1996. We discover Australia’s trusted provider for many leading domestic and international airlines, serving over 60,000 flights each year.

Ryan GrayLily Sawyer By Ryan Gray Lily Sawyer

Delta Cargo : Moving the World

We speak to Rob Walpole, Vice President of Delta Cargo, about how the company reaches hundreds of destinations and carries thousands of shipments a day while offering first-class operational performance and customer service.

Scarlett BurkeLauren Kania By Scarlett Burke Lauren Kania

Chrono Aviation : Charter Without Compromise

Vincent Gagnon, President of Chrono Aviation, talks about the company's capacity to continuously grow and evolve, aiming to position itself as Canada's leading charter airline.

Scarlett BurkeLucy Pilgrim By Scarlett Burke Lucy Pilgrim

ICAT Logistics : World-Class Logistics Services

Proudly celebrating 30 years of excellence, Rick Campbell, CEO of ICAT Logistics, delves into how the company has remained committed to innovation, efficiency, and reliability while paving the way as a global presence.

Scarlett BurkeLauren Kania By Scarlett Burke Lauren Kania

Linhas Aéreas De Moçambique : Flights and Freight

Linhas Aéreas De Moçambique has an ongoing mission to deliver intercontinental services while advancing into the cargo freight sector. Director General Joao Jorge, tells us about the company’s journey

Taylor GreenRachel Carr By Taylor Green Rachel Carr

UPS Supply Chain Solutions® : The Surprise Package

Jeff McCorstin, President of Global Freight Forwarding at UPS Supply Chain Solutions, talks about helping business supply chains.