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  • By integrating advanced technology solutions and e-fulfilment services, Venipak Commerce facilitates seamless international sales and accelerates delivery times across key regions.
  • “Our all-in-one service encompasses all operational processes, from e-commerce sales channel brokerage to warehousing and distribution,” says Michael van der Wal, Regional Managing Director, Venipak Commerce.

Venipak Commerce proposes a new all-in-one service to bridge the gap between sales channels, warehousing, and distribution in the Benelux region’s fast-expanding e-commerce sector. Michael van der Wal, Regional Managing Director, and Justas Šablinskas, CEO, tell us more.


A pioneering e-commerce and logistics solutions company, Venipak Commerce (Venipak) caters to European distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers who wish to bolster their online presence.  

“With a focus on supplier acquisition, marketplace expansion, and advanced technological integration, Venipak offers a comprehensive range of sales and fulfilment services, designed to adapt to shifts in the market,” opens Justas Šablinskas, CEO. 

By integrating advanced technology solutions and e-fulfilment services, Venipak hopes to facilitate seamless international sales and accelerate delivery times across key regions in the Benelux, Germany, Poland, and the UK.  

The Benelux region, comprising Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, has witnessed a marked rise in e-commerce of late. 74 percent of all internet users in the region reportedly purchase their goods online, whilst the Dutch e-commerce market alone is expected to generate over USD$52 billion by 2029.   

As a result, Venipack has launched a new multi-channel solution that is able to transform e-commerce fulfilment, drive sales, enhance operational efficiency, and improve the overall customer experience, placing the company in an ideal position to benefit from a burgeoning sector.  

“Our all-in-one service encompasses all operational processes, from e-commerce sales channel brokerage to warehousing and distribution,” reveals Micheal van der Wal, Regional Managing Director.  

The company’s expansion in the region follows Venipak’s strategic acquisition of Dutch wholesaler Strengholt Entertainment BV (Strengholt) in 2023, which also contributed to the company’s emerging status as a global market player. 

“At Venipak, we have studied the upsurge in the Benelux’s e-commerce activity and located various limiting issues. We aim to remove the burden from our customers’ shoulders, allow them to save money and concentrate on purposeful development without geographical or business process barriers,” he adds. 

“Our all-in-one service encompasses all operational processes, from e-commerce sales channel brokerage to warehousing and distribution”

Michael van der Wal, Regional Managing Director, Venipak Commerce
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Venipak’s recent acquisition of Strengholt has allowed the company to onboard localised expertise with insight into the Benelux’s unique market needs, providing a robust foundation upon which to build a new niche in logistics services.  

Due to staff shortages, labour costs, and inflation impacting 82 percent of businesses in the region, a strong leaning towards automation is evident.  

As such, around two-thirds of businesses seek investment in software-led solutions, outlining the region’s willingness to embrace current and modern opportunities.  

“As the e-commerce market shows exponential growth, the demand for automated and increasingly efficient logistics solutions becomes more pronounced,” Šablinskas posits.  

Therefore, Venipak has established a strategic stance to meet this demand.   

“We are in a good position to enter deeply into this niche while expanding the scope of what’s previously been possible,” he adds.   


As the e-commerce sector continues to evolve, Venipak has identified a new focal point – e-fulfilment. As a highly efficient method of managing e-commerce inventory, e-fulfilment caters to the unique needs of online sales, optimising space as well as resources.  

“It is aligned with the specific needs of e-commerce, such as variable demand and the handling of single-purchase items,” van der Wal notes.  

In addition, e-warehousing allows businesses to access accurate inventory management and optimised return processes through advanced software integration and specialised systems, all of which are integral for maintaining a competitive edge within a saturated market.  

According to Šablinskas, the e-wholesale niche’s true potential is still emerging.  

“Whilst looking for ways to expand globally, we tried to deconstruct the whole trading chain and found this niche, which is practically non-existent – not only in Europe but also throughout the world,” he reveals.  

On a mission to provide the best local options with faster deliveries in any major market, Venipak hopes to benefit from developments in e-fulfilment.


In addition to its more recent developments, Venipak offers e-commerce brokerage services between clients and brands such as Amazon, Allegro, Zalando, and Bol, amongst others, as well as physical outlets such as Aldi, Lidl, and Action. 

“Our e-commerce brokerage services enable Venipak to act as an intermediary for the introduction of customers’ products into foreign markets like the US, Europe, and Asia, through integrations with Amazon and other trading platforms and supply chains,” says Šablinskas. 

In addition, new and emerging partnerships with e-commerce businesses reduce risk when entering new markets.  

“Our mission is to help clients expedite their growth. In turn, we start off new partnerships with a strategy best suited to their plans to accelerate their sales and logistics journey. We don’t want our clients to have blind spots on what is possible when it comes to cost saving and optimisation,” he concludes.  

Thus, Venipak’s expansion marks a transformative approach to e-commerce logistics in the sense that it offers integrated solutions that are able to meet rising demands in the sector, while a focus on automation and e-warehousing exemplify the company’s commitment to increasing scalability and efficiency.

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