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Beyond ESG : Embedding Social Value  

Guy Battle, CEO of Social Value Portal and co-Chair of the Sustainable Procurement Pledge, describes the evolution of social value and what a successful environmental social governance strategy looks like.

Guy Battle By Guy Battle

Venipak Commerce : Evolutions in E-Commerce

Venipak Commerce proposes a new all-in-one service to bridge the gap between sales channels, warehousing, and distribution in the Benelux region’s fast-expanding e-commerce sector.

Lily Sawyer By Lily Sawyer

A Complete Guide to Music Festival Logistics

We compile a comprehensive guide on how to effectively plan and prepare the logistical elements of a music festival. From talent acquisition to security and location scouting, we detail all the essential information.

Ed Budds By Ed Budds

Supply Chain Outlook Issue 1

Supply Chain Outlook Magazine Issue 1 from the multi-channel Global Supply Chain Resource by Outlook Publishing.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

DHL Express : Time-Definite Shipments

Chitra Shinde, Vice President of Operations at DHL Express New Zealand, details the division’s operations in the country.

Chitra Shinde By Chitra Shinde

Ports North : Regional Development, National Excellence

As a Queensland government-owned corporation responsible for developing and managing several ports across Northern Australia, the operations and facilities at Ports North are vital to regional economic development.

Ryan GrayLily Sawyer By Ryan Gray Lily Sawyer

Philippine Airlines : Pioneers of the Skies

With a proud heritage, Philippine Airlines continues to forge a path of innovation and customer-centric service with Captain Stanley Ng at the helm; the President and COO discusses plans, pilots, and progress.

Taylor GreenRachel Carr By Taylor Green Rachel Carr

Pacific Tug Group : Tugging Down Under – It’s What We Do Best

Proudly showcasing over five decades of leadership in maritime services, Pacific Tug Group is an Australian family-owned and operated business that can handle any complex sea transport requirements.

Ryan GrayLauren Kania By Ryan Gray Lauren Kania

Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia : Spotlight

Todd Hacking, CEO of Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA), discusses representing and advancing the interests of manufacturers and suppliers of heavy vehicles and their components, equipment, and technology.

Deane AndertonJack Salter By Deane Anderton Jack Salter

Kreiss : Driven to be Great

Leading European companies continue to choose Kreiss as a reliable partner for road transport and an enviable array of logistics services. We find out more about the company’s plans for expansion and its latest sustainability initiatives with Head of Business Development, Joffrey Thelliez.

Ryan GrayEd Budds By Ryan Gray Ed Budds