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A Complete Guide to Music Festival Logistics

We compile a comprehensive guide on how to effectively plan and prepare the logistical elements of a music festival. From talent acquisition to security and location scouting, we detail all the essential information.

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Kreiss : Driven to be Great

Leading European companies continue to choose Kreiss as a reliable partner for road transport and an enviable array of logistics services. We find out more about the company’s plans for expansion and its latest sustainability initiatives with Head of Business Development, Joffrey Thelliez.

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Sedres Group : Maritime Masterclass

Sedres Group provides the local expertise and insight required to achieve smooth clearances, hassle-free cargo operations, crew services, supplies, and the quick dispatch of vessels. We find out more with Fahad Al Daihani, CEO.

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MHI RJ Aviation : Innovation in Aviation

As a global leader in aviation, MHI RJ Aviation Group’s world-class services are the building blocks of airline fleets worldwide. We find out more about the company’s driving principles and newest innovations with Vice President, Ross Mitchell.

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BCI Worldwide : Realizing Worldwide Eminence

Today, BCI Worldwide is respected as the global leader in hospitality logistics and offers complete management solutions to meet all its customers’ needs across the entire logistics spectrum of the sector.

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MTR Corporation : Enabling a Better-Connected Tomorrow

As a recognised, world-class operator of sustainable rail transport services, MTR Corporation is a leader in safety, reliability, customer service, and efficiency. We learn more with Property and International Business Director, David Tang.

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Designed Conveyor Systems : Supplying Superior Solutions

Designed Conveyor Systems continues to deliver unique, customized material handling solutions and fulfillment automation that leverages the latest technology and equipment. We find out more with Seth Taylor, Executive Vice President of Operations.

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Metlink : Proudly Connecting Wellington

Greater Wellington’s Metlink runs a public transport network that intertwines the region, successfully delivering 38 million journeys a year across bus, rail, and more. We jump on board and travel through the regional council’s transport story with Group Manager, Samantha Gain.

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P&O Maritime Logistics : A Modern and Versatile Fleet

The vast maritime sector plays a huge role in the energy transition in Europe and elsewhere, as it facilitates the development of new offshore renewable energy infrastructure. Martin Helweg, Chief Executive Officer of P&O Maritime Logistics, explains how the company is spearheading this regeneration.

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APM Terminals Nigeria : Terminally Brill

We speak to CEO of APM Terminals, Frederik Klinke, about the company’s vital work and its goal of lifting global trade.

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